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The Insilico Suite

Take your trading to the next level

Pay with Crypto


A Robust Starter Kit

Every Month


USD Only
Purchase in USD

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5 indicators made for a trader looking to get an edge

Mainly focused on price action

Includes Flood's trading suites (Crayons, FSVZO, Fisher)

Access to Members Section of the Discord

In-depth product guides and our Indicator 







Best Value


Grow Your Asset-Base

For 6 Months


Purchase in USD

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Access to 10 indicators, focused on price action

Unlock new comprehensive scalping package

Includes Flood's trading suites (Crayons, FSVZO, Fisher)

Includes @ThinkingBitmex's scalping suite (BB%)

Direct customer services line



Everything in Pro



Improved TWAP



Tailored Crypto Advisory Solutions

For 1 Year


BTC and ETH Only


Access to every single indicator & updated indicators

Early beta access for new indicators

Includes Flood's trading suites (Crayons, FSVZO, Fisher)

Includes @ThinkingBitmex's scalping suite (BB%)



Everything in Elite

Sigma Trends & Cold LEGO

Improve Volume Bars & Supply-Demand Zone

Improved MACD & Recalibrated ATR

Simple D Oscilators

- Single Indicator-

Contact for single indicator $69 per month

What Indicators do I get?

This is a list of the indicators provided with each package:



  1. BBPCT

    • BBPCT: Indicator Percentage-based historical price deviation indicator.

  2. Adaptive Fisher

    • Adaptive Fisher: Offers the Adaptive Fisher indicator for technical analysis.

  3. TotT - Heuristics

  4. Cornucopia

    • Cornucopia: Includes the Cornucopia indicator for financial market analysis.

  5. Crayons

    • Crayons: Provides the Crayons indicator, likely used for charting and analysis.

  6. Regularized Volume Zone

    • Regularized Volume Zone: Includes the Regularized Volume Zone Oscillator (FSVZO) for analyzing volume zones in financial markets.



  1. Adaptive BB

    • Technical indicator for adaptive Bollinger Bands.

  2. Improved VWAP

    • Indicator for Improved Volume Weighted Average Price.

  3. Momentum Oscillator

    • Tool for analyzing market momentum.

  4. Janus ƩRSI

    • Indicator for Janus ƩRSI.

  5. Improved Volume Bars IVB

    • Tool for analyzing volume bars.

  6. UMML

    • Power money-making indicator

  7. Silicone Re-Calibrate ATR

    • Indicator for re-calibrating Average True Range..

  8. Silicone SSD

    • Indicator for Silicone SSD.

  9. Silicone Wrapped Godmode

    • Indicator named Silicone Wrapped Godmode (SWG).

  10. Cold Lego

    • Indicator or tool named Cold Lego.

  11. MmRev Component

    • Component for MmRev for serious traders who like to win

  12. BBCPT

    • Percentage-based historical price deviation indicator.

  13. Cornucopia

    • Powerful precise life-changing indicator

  14. Crayons

    • Indicator named Crayons.

  15. Regularized Volume Zone

    • Tool for analyzing Regularized Volume Zone Oscillator (FSVZO).

  • TotT - Heuristics

Dollar Bill in Jar


  1. ATR v0.2

  2. Momentum Skiies

  3. Volume Zone Oscillator

  4. RevC

  5. Dorito Workshop

  6. Bort

  7. Simple 𝔇 Oscillators

  8. Adaptive Fisher 𝔻𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕖𝕤

  9. Cardistry ♠♥♦♣

  10. PA

  11. ATR Crayon

  12. Guppy

  13. ATRMSR

  14. Improved MACD

  15. Adaptive BB

  16. Improved VWAP

  17. Momentum Oscillator

  18. Janus ƩRSI

  19. Improved Volume Bars IVB

  20. UMML

  21. Silicone Re-calibrate ATR

  22. Silicone SSD

  23. Silicone Wrapped Godmode

  24. Cold 𝕃𝔼𝔾𝕆

  25. MmRev Component

  26. BBPCT

  27. Cornucopia

  28. Crayons

  29. Regularized Volume Zone Oscillator FSVZO

  30. Candle Range TPs

  31. Setting-Less Trend-Step Filtering

  32. Parallel Pivot Lines [LUX ALGO MOD]

  33. Internal Level Testing

  34. Hot/cold

  35. Improved Volume Bars IVB

  36. Clairvoyent - Levels

  37. Crayons Grayons

  38. 𝛔Trends (edited)

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