Volume based oscillator with overbought and oversold levels and leading divergences to potentially spot trend reversal and trend continuation signals in price action.

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Crayons Grayons

Actionable signal-based comprehensive trading suite used for everyday trading across small and large timeframes. Includes stop losses, potential trade ideals and trend analysis. Best for swing traders and day traders looking to improve their edge.

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Adaptive Fisher

Fisher provides oversold and overbought bounds along with fixed and adaptive calculation lengths for multiple timeframes. Automatic divergence printing and momentum shift detection.



Proprietary indicator that prints actionable signals across multiple timeframes. Cornucopia is meant to be used in conjunction with other indicators to compare, fine tune and improve aspects of other trading systems. This indicator is an amalgam of other indicator components that are derived from similar data.



Moving Average channel for trend analysis across multiple periods with adjustable metrics. Included are take profits, pullback signals and trend confirmations.



Updated Murray Math Lines with the option to calculate for wicks which can be exchange dependent. Multi-Timeframe Support to select desired Murray Math lines without switching time frames, Fractal support, and the option to keep just extreme deviations. UMML expands and contracts differently than similar scripts in volatile periods and is easily configurable by users for size, style and reactivity of lines.

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Bollinger Band %

This Indicator tracks percentage distance between current price and its historical deviations, to produce premium and discount zones, suggest mean reversions, cooldowns and pullbacks based on the Bollinger Band indicator. Very straightforward indicator build on the pinescript Bollinger Band library.

Mean Reversion Concept.png

Mean Reversion Concept

Mean reversion component is a Mean Momentum Reversion 'MmRev' that uses momentum extremes and directional decay to detect areas of strong reactiveness and possible trend reversions. Leading indicator with actionable signals tailored for scalping and entries.

Improved VWAP.png

Improved VWAP

Filtered Multiple-Timeframe VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) Standard Deviations. VWAP is typically used by funds to get in and out of large trades over a given time period at a fair market price and this tracks when price is deviating from the VWAP.



Indicator suite for medium to low time frame scalping. Detects momentum changes in asset price. Also shows potential abnormal changes or “false” signals for mean reversion.